Training Schedule

Training of the National Cadet Corps plans by the Staff of Training Branch in the Head Quarters and the Training Branch is under the supervision of the Brigadier Training. Cadet Training has been organized under several Categories and levels


  • School Level Training
  • Battalion Level Training
  • Provincial Level Training
  • Assessment Camps at Rantembe Training Centre
  • Final Assessment Camp Boys  selection of Best Platoon to award the Hermann Loos Trophy.
  • Final Assessment Camp Girls  selection of Best Platoon to award the De Soysa Trophy.
  • Final Assessment Camp Western Bands selection of Best Band Platoon to award the Island Best       Western Band.
  • Final Assessment Camp Eastern Bands selection of Best Band Platoon to award the Island Best Eastern Band.
  • Final Assessment camp selection of best Junior Boys and Girls platoons.



  • Comprehensive training for empowerment of youth to earn the right to lead.
  • Character building and competence development.
  • Similar to military training (Physical and mental) to groom the personality of youth.
  • Social awareness and service.
  • Cadet friendly curriculum eliciting involvement and obviation additional burden on students with instructors acting as facilitators for developing competencies and talents in an individualistic as well as team centered environment.
  • Innovative, interesting and safe-conduct of training with high degree of visibility to inspire youth, duly supported by appropriate training infrastructure and logistics support for boy and girl cadets.
  • Professional training by a pool of dedicated and competent trainers through a well-structured training of trainer programmes and refresher programmes for broad based expertise and to enhance trainer skills.
  • Progressive institutionalized training culminating in to camps / competitions / activities at the national level.
  • Offer a global perspective and exposure through youth exchange programmes.


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