For the first time in the 142 year long history of National Cadet Corps, a Commissioning Parade was organised and held at the NCC Training Centre, Rantembe on 01 December 2023 for the Probationary Officers of NCC Intake 41.Acting Minister of Defence Hon Premitha Bandara Tennakoon graced this historic event as the Chief Guest.64 Probationary Officers including 10 Lady Officers who were enrolled in 2022 and underwent the PO Course-Intake 41were conferred the commission in the rank of Second Lieutenants by the Hon President of Sri Lanka.A sword was offered by the Chief Guest to each Commissioned Officer symbolising the authority and power vested on them to crater to the requirement of the nation by grooming future leaders and disciplined citizens abiding to the role and task of National Cadet Corps.On the invitation of Director and all Officers of the NCC, Additional Secretary-Civil Security and Development to the Ministry of Defence, Deputy Chief of Staff of Sri Lanka Air Force, Chief Signal Officer of Sri Lanka Army, Director, NCC and several other Principal Staff Officers and Staff Officers of Tri Forces and NCC witnessed this event making the event colourful.In addition to them, Directors of Education, Principals, Staff Members, Parents, Spouses and well wishers of the newly Commissioned Officers attended this occasion with pride.At the Award Presentation, PO Ms TGSS Ranatunge won the award for Civic Oriented Subjects, PO Mr P Vinodan for Military Subjects and the award for the Best Shot by PO Mr NGCPK Ratnayaka. The Sward of Honour was won by PO Mr RMCS Ratnayaka being the Best All-Round Officer of NCC Intake 41.

Addressing the Parade, Acting Minister of Defence stated that this year is victorious for the NCC as many achievements have been earned such as President’s and Corps Colours, establishment of the Second NCC Training Centre at Mullaitivu, approval of MOD and MOE to enlist 1000 Principals as Commissioned Officers of NCC and reviewing of cadet uniform and the syllabus to cope with the dynamic changes taking place in the modern world, by grooming quality cadets. Further, while thanking the Hon President, he said that he, with the orders of Hon President, takes steps to groom youth with leadership qualities who can think practically with self discipline.Meanwhile he saluted the fallen War Heroes who sacrificed their lives for others’ tomorrow and he thanked the Cadet Corps for it’s shere in moulding such heroes to nation.Going further, he said even without diplomas and degrees if a person has good personality and positive attitudes to take challenges, he or she could become a versatile character. People with such boldness can be groomed through proper training. So that he wants to increase the number of cadets in schools in Sri Lanka, specially in Northern and Eastern Provinces to reach his goal by grooming quality youth to nation.The Minister thanked and appreciated the Director NCC for his dedicated service which bolstered to uplift the NCC.He emphasized the necessity of establishing Social Intelligence Units in schools under the purview of the NCC to curb drug menace and other anti social activities taking place nowadays among school students. He also admired the Youth Heroes Award Ceremony which will be held in the near future by NCC, appreciating the heroic acts of the youth. Finally he congratulated and wished all newly Commissioned Officers and requested them to perform duties well in the future.Director NCC and all his staff extend the great honour with gratitude to Hon Premitha Bandara Tennakoon, Acting Minister of Defence for his gracious participation as the Chief Guest of this Commissioning Parade. Our sincere and special thanks go to Hon President, Secretary to the Ministry of Defence, and Commnder of Sri Lanka Army for all guidance, directions and support extended towards NCC.The NCC never forget to thank all persons and organisations helped in numerous ways to make this event a success.


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