Organization Structure of the National Cadet Corps


The National Cadet Corps functions as a project under the purview of State Ministry of Defence and came into force with the legalizing of Manpower Mobilization and Supplementary Force act 1985.The formations of the National cadet Corps shall,in accordance with the provisions of the section 37(1) of the Act, consist of Provincial Headquarters,Training Centers and Battalions as may be determined by the President. As one of the Sri Lanka’s oldest, largest and most successful youth organisations, we have a long and proud history of preparing youngsters for all walks of life and encouraging an active involvement in local communities.

Currently National Cadet Corps consists of around 2898 Officers to train 89 725 cadets in the Schools in the Island

In accordance with Section 38 of the Manpower Mobilization and Auxiliary Force Act (Act No 10 of 1985) His Excellency the President appoints a military experienced intellectual from Sri Lanka Army as the Director NCC. The Director is responsible for the administration, training, discipline, and efficiency of the Corps. He is also responsible to the Minister of Defence for the command and control of the NCC and has the authority to make regulations in accordance with the aforesaid Act.




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